The Lighthouse EP

by Dharmadillo Project

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released December 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Dharmadillo Project Charlottesville, Virginia

Dharmadillo is the solo music output of a solo music guy in the basement of his humble home. It is the product of too strong a desire to share a view of the world from my own little window and too large a fear to dedicate myself exclusively to any medium, mode, or manner of expression. My kids like what I make and for now that's all that matters. I do hope that you like it, too. ... more

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Track Name: Jesus Thinks
You polish up your rims before you head to church on Sunday
And proudly throw a dollar when the basket passes by
You raise a prayer to heaven and you hope that maybe one day
You'll find a way to fit your camel through the needle's eye
With all the clothes you donate to the sisters of the poor
That you purchased from a catalogue a week or two before
You think that God will see that you have a pure soul
But I'm pretty sure that Jesus he thinks that you're an asshole

You don't know how it happened by the Devil's in your son
After all the things you taught him about how to be a man
He turned his back on God and all the work that you have done
He asked another boy to prom and that's just something you can't stand
You know it just won't do to have a sinner in your home
The boy will have to go and face his judgement all alone
I know you think that fatherhood has put you in control
But now it's likely that your son and Jesus think that you're an asshole

I'm not a bible scholar but I went to Catholic school
I don't remember much but I recall the golden rule
that you should do to others as you'd have them do to you
so take your fucking Jordan's off and stand in someone else's shoes

You want to build a wall to keep the riff raff on their own side
You say they're only gonna add to all the problems that we got
You're not a racist when you say that you're just showing off your white pride
And all lives matter but some lives matter a lot
You're just protecting all your values and the way it ought to be
You want to make it great again like 1963
51 percent of all your friends believe what they've been told
but 99 percent of Jesus thinks that you're an asshole

And he'd be right
Track Name: Wanderer
She was a miracle and I was kid
Who could've never imagine all the crazy things we did
A soft lip bitten a touch of the sin
These seemed to be no bottom to the well she pushed me in
I was a cushion and she was a pin
And she fell into a hole where my life had started wearing thin
She lived a secret, she hid it in my bed
After all these years on sleepless nights I turn it over in my head

She came from nowhere but she’d been around
And I was the wanderers who never left my little town
I found her hiding in the darkest part of the night
She let me in we shed our skin and then she turned out all my lights

She had a history and I had a car
We thought that we’d outrun the past but it proved to be a bit too far
Tender mercies like kisses on a bruise
Were confused for love and made me feel like I had nothing else to lose
She was a miracle and I was a liar
I spent my days out in the cold and at night she set my soul on fire
A soft lip bitten the taste of blood on the tongue
The feel of loss and love gone south when we were both too young

Please hold me now, please show me how,
with all the kindness you have left to give
Please reach for me, please teach me love,
how to look back at myself and see someone to forgive