Christmas is Cold EP

by Dharmadillo Project

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A collection of five or six years of writing or recording Christmas tunes for and with my kids.


released November 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Dharmadillo Project Charlottesville, Virginia

Dharmadillo is the solo music output of a solo music guy in the basement of his humble home. It is the product of too strong a desire to share a view of the world from my own little window and too large a fear to dedicate myself exclusively to any medium, mode, or manner of expression. My kids like what I make and for now that's all that matters. I do hope that you like it, too. ... more

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Track Name: Christmas Real
Christmas Real

My baby’s eyes shine like heaven tonight
Reflecting all the joy in the twinkling of the Christmas lights
A distant carol is carried softly on the wind
Salvation Army bells are welcoming the lost ones in

And there’s a stillness that I can still recall
In the grace of children who are waiting for the snow to fall
In the silent wonder staring through the winter night
For a sign to show us that the feeling in our hearts is right

You don’t have to know what Christmas means
You don’t have to live what everybody else believes
Nothing you can buy will show me how you feel
an open heart is all you need to make this Christmas real

Downtown shines like a diamond tonight
Arm in arm young lovers wander past the mission site
A lonely figure sits inside the shelter door
Too hard to reconcile so easy for us too ignore
But there’s a moment when the young man slows his pace
He sees himself reflected in that lonely stranger’s face
He feels the presence of a spirit he thought he had lost
And makes a promise to give what he can at any cost


And you don’t have to wear your heart on your sleeve
You don’t have to prove a single blessed thing to me
There’s nothing you can by to show me how you feel
All you need is love and love will make this Christmas real ©
Track Name: Quami's Badass Christmas
It was a Christmas Eve just like a thousand before
Santa kissed his misses and he headed for the door
Till he was stopped in his tracks by an elf who blocked the way
Who said hold on a second sir we got a late communiqué
A kid the name of Quami from a suburb of Milwaukee
Is sounding pretty desperate on his plastic walkie talkie
Some bullies from his neighborhood are darkening his day
And he’s asking for some back up and he needs it right away
Santa never had a doubt about what he was ‘sposed to do
though Wisconsin wasn’t scheduled until quarter after two
He had to chart a course for Quami’s house and not delay at all
Cause Quami was a good kid and he wouldn’t see him fall

I think it’s time for a badass Christmas
I think it’s time for a badass Christmas

In less than thirty minutes Santa’s boots were on the ground
He was sad and disappointed in the scene he found
There was Quami all alone and takin’ on a gang of toughs
He was givin’ all he had but it would never be enough
Santa tossed his sack into the middle of the fray
The kids were taken by surprise and started to give way
Then Santa held a hand up and it froze them all in place
And they watched in shock and silence as he cleaned up Quami’s face
Then the biggest of the bad guys took step toward Santa Clause
He made two little fists out of his grimy little paws
He said I don’t know who you think you are but Santa don’t exist
And Santa reached into his pocket where he kept his twice-checked list

He said, “son, I know just who you are and I know why you’re so mean
I know the things they’ve done to you and all the things you’ve seen
So I’m giving you the greatest gift that me or God could send
His name is Quami Baxter…and he’s gonna be your friend.”

Quami looked at Santa not so sure about the plan
Santa winked at Quami and said you must understand
The only way to stop the ones who want to punch and push and shove
Is to stand up to the anger and confront them with some love
Then Santa turned around and took the bully by the arm
I know that this’ll be the last time you’ll do Quami any harm
Because he’s gonna stand beside you and make sure you have a friend
He’ll give you someone you can count on and someone to defend
Then Santa stepped away as Quami shook the bullies the hand
And they walked away together to discuss the days events
Santa said my work is done here now its time to take flight
Merry Christmas to you all and to all a good night

And we wish you a badass Christmas
Yeah we wish you a badass Christmas